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Children with Disabilities

This page provides local and national information for children and young people with disabilities, and their families.

Sibs is a website designed to support parents in explaining a child’s disability to their siblings. It offers tips and advice for parents around what information should be shared (based on age and understanding), as well as looking at the impact disability can have on other children within the home.

Children with Disabilities – Buckinghamshire County Council.

Buckinghamshire County Council has a team of specialist Social Workers who work with sick and disabled children and their families to offer additional support; a Social Worker will assess your needs and let you know what services your child is eligible for. Please see their webpage for further information.

Short Breaks

Short Breaks are provided to give you a rest and to give your child some new experiences away from home.

  • The Take-a-Break Scheme links your child with another family or carer who can provide care at an agreed time convenient for you
  • There are residential units which provide short breaks (respite) for some children and young people
  • There is also support available from the Community Childminding Service

Other help is available

  • If your child needs extra help in school or nursery, Buckinghamshire County Council may be able to provide this
  • An Educational Psychologist may assess your child and work with you to meet their needs in a mainstream school, a special unit attached to a mainstream school, or a specialist school
  • If your child needs a statement of special educational needs, the Parent Partnership Officer can advise and help you with this

For more information call 0845 4600 001 or email children@buckscc.gov.uk

Financial help

Children who are sick or disabled may qualify for financial benefits through the Benefits Agency.

The benefits most commonly awarded are:

  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Mobility allowance
  • Disabled child premium
  • Incapacity Benefit

For more information call 0845 3708090 or email children@buckscc.gov.uk

Below are some links to resources which are available:

The Children’s Trust