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Child Protection Conferences

A Child Protection Conference is arranged when there has been a child protection enquiry or social workers have become increasingly worried about your child’s safety.

As a parent or carer you will be invited to attend. You may also bring one person with you as a supporter if you would like to. This can be another member of your family, a friend, or some other person of your choice. If your child is aged 10 years or older they may be invited to attend all or part of the conference.

The conference will be chaired by an independent person. There will also be someone to take notes at the meeting.

A number of professionals who have been working with your family will be invited, such as social workers, teachers, health visitors and Police. There may be some other professionals invited who you have not met before – for example because they have a particular expertise or because they might be able to help.

The conference will look at the support that is needed for your child. This is put into a Plan that everyone agrees to.

The Chair will then ask the professionals to give a view about whether your child is ‘at risk of significant harm’ and they will explain what this means. If the conference agrees that there is risk of significant harm, then the Plan for your child will be called a Child Protection Plan.

If you are involved in a Child Protection Conference, then professionals will work with you to make sure you understand what will happen and to help you prepare.